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Discover how our experienced engineering team combines high-end image & audio analysis and processing techniques with classification techniques to create unique Kee Square software products.

You will find descriptions of our products and our projects. We are confident that will appreciate our sense for details, enjoy our freshness and value our savoir-faire.

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Face Recognition Products

Increase your workflow efficiency

Kee Square has a entire suite of biometric products - Software Developer Kits- that can be applied to various face recognition area's: from audience intelligence to access control or surveillance.

There is also an audio analysis SDK, which enhances surveillance implementations.

Face Recognition Projects

All over face recognition

The face is the more overt biometric feature of people. It can be used to retreive holiday pictures, to address customized advertisement information, or open the door to a secured area.

Integrate our supple SDK's and add (biometric) value to your applications.